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Local restaurants starting to collect credit cards before meal

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Restaurants in and around Uptown Charlotte are defending a decision to collect credit cards before the meal, to make sure customers don't leave without paying their bill.

Over the weekend, managers at Nikko on South Boulevard had to call the police after a customer ordered $99 of alcohol and walked out without paying.

"If you order something for the table, you're expected to pay for it," said Nikko waiter Jason Howes.

Howes has been in the restaurant industry for 10 years and says he rarely sees people "dine and dash" but the practice has picked up recently. He says a few weeks ago, a large party walked out without paying.

"They were taking a little while to get the checks and they just took advantage of the fact the server wasn't around and just bolted out the door," Howes said.

If you head to Mortimer's Pub in Uptown Charlotte, many servers take credit cards when customers walk in, especially if they want to sit on the patio.

"I really have no problem with asking for or even giving it on the other end of it," said server Rise Anderson.

While Anderson and Howes say collecting credit cards when customers walk in protects the restaurant, not all customers agree.

"It's not really fair to people. It's not ethical," said Chris Love who eats Uptown frequently.

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