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Davidson wants official Scenic Byway designation


The town of Davidson believes it has a gem. That's why town officials want the state to designate a six mile stretch as an official Davidson Scenic Byway.

It would be the first scenic byway in Mecklenburg County.

Roy Alexander of the Davidson Lands Conservancy says "this one is typical of the Piedmont in that its rolling hills, nice lovely tree canopy, that kind of thing – in addition to historic homes."

The scenic byway would begin on State Highway 115 at the Granville Grant Historic marker – the northern entrance to the town… and continue south on North Main Street, onto Concord Road, then to Grey Road and turning onto Shearer Road – ending at Fisher Road.

Drivers would see historic homes built in the late 1800s or early 1900s, an old cemetery, and churches. The scenic byway also passes Davidson College, the Village Green, and head out to the countryside where there are acres of open spaces, and miles of walking and bicycles trails, and greenway.

Town officials say while an official designation would bring more visitors – tourism is not the only reason why they want the designation.

"It testifies to the fact that this community appreciates its scenery, it's scenic values, the green spaces, historic features" says Alexander, the Executive Director of Davidson Lands Conservancy.

Most Davidson residents support the idea of scenic byway designation.

"Just to be designated scenic byway is an honor for folks who live out this way" says Michael Cheek. "But there are some concerns about traffic and increase in volume."

The Cheek family lives on Grey Road – along the proposed scenic byway – where there's a lot of traffic and bicyclists. Olivia Cheek, who just got her driver's license, says increased traffic might be a bit dicey to navigate.

"It's kind of a blind curve coming out of our driveway so it's a little bit scary if cars go really  fast – other than that I think it's a good thing" says the 16 year old.

And Deborah Caudle who owns The Soda Shop in town agrees that a scenic byway designation is a good thing.

"Getting people to come up with this way by promising them something scenic would be good for them and us" says Caudle. "It's a small town and more traffic through the area would be wonderful."

The N.C Department of Transportation currently has designated 54 scenic byways.

Town officials say they have to submit an application, with letters of support from organizations and businesses, by the end of the month.

The State Highway Board will review and vote on the application.

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