Chester Co. School District’s performance didn’t meet state’s expectations

CHESTER COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Letter grades for nearly half of South Carolina's school districts dropped during the past school year, according to new numbers from the State Department of Education.

Most of the school districts in our viewing faired quite well. All except for one… Chester County Schools.

"It's frustrating but not alarming," said Grandparent Jacqueline Stamps.

When the South Carolina Board of Education released its state-wide report card for all school districts, the Chester School District came up short.

Overall, the Chester School District received a "D", which means performance does not meet the state's expectations.

Chester elementary and middle schools received "D's", while the district failed at the high school level.

Stamps say she's not surprised.

She says her grandson wasn't doing well in math last school year, but the school didn't tell his parent until it was too late.

"Information that should go to parents should go there earlier rather than after there's a problem near the end of school," she said.

We talked to one parent who says the school system isn't to blame. He says the problem starts at home.

"It's not because of the teachers. It's because we as parents are dropping the ball with raising our children. We have to educate them as well," said Parent Rico Bratcher.

Chester Schools' Superintendent Dr. Agnes Slayman isn't taking the grade lightly.

She released this statement: "The data was also useful in pointing out exactly where our challenges lie. Our district is putting several new initiatives in place to increase student academic achievement on standardized tests."

Meanwhile, Bratcher believes the school will make a turn around this upcoming academic year.

"I believe so and I know they will do it because they said that they would," he said.

Other School districts in the area did quite well. Clover, Fort Mill and Chesterfield County Schools got an overall grade of an "A".

Rock Hill, York and Lancaster County Schools received overall grades of B's.

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