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Police ID woman killed in west Charlotte shooting


Investigators in Charlotte have identified a woman who was killed in her home.

Police say they received a call at 8:54 a.m. to respond to an assault on the 2800 block of Fordwood Drive in west Charlotte.

Officers arrived and found a woman, later identified as Sacore Raley Gray, 49, suffering from a gunshot wound.

Medic crews pronounced Gray dead on scene at 9:05 a.m.

Family members say Gray lived in the house with other family. Relatives say Gray's five year old granddaughter, who was spending the night, found her in the bedroom.

"She did anything for anybody" says Rodney Gray, the victim's son. "She never had any enemies or anything like that. I'm going to miss her though. I'm gonna miss her."

Joseph Barron, the victim's cousin, says "who would want to do something to such a person that would help, give the shirt of their back?  Who would do something so filthy and dirty to a person as good as she was?"

Police canvassed the neighborhood to determine whether there are any witnesses to the incident.  No one has been arrested.

Investigators say they're trying to determine exactly when the shooting happened.

Captain Gerald Smith of the Westover Division says "other witnesses in the neighborhood heard gunshots – noise – throughout the night. We're trying to pin down exactly when the gunshots came out."

Police say neighbors didn't report the gunshots because they didn't think much about it. Some dismissed it as noise.

Captain Smith says shot spotter, the technology that alerts police to gunshots in an area, is not deployed in that west Charlotte area.

Captain Smith says there's not a lot of crime in this community.

"The fact is it has been quiet" Capt. Smith says. "A long time since we've had a major scene in this community. It's a community that has seen significant drops in crime. We're shocked at this type of crime taking place in this community."

Police say within the last two months, they responded to Gray's house for a domestic violence call but no one was arrested. Officers say it has been a very quiet house.

As detectives and crime scene investigators combed the scene, family members and neighbors watched.

"It's shocking" says Shalonda Gallman. "This is surreal. Nothing. For one this neighborhood is quiet. Then for two she bothered no one."

Gallman, who lives near Gray's house, says the 49 year old neighbor "always talked to everybody, always kept you laughing if she saw you. She loved her family, took care of her children and her mom. It's shocking."

Gray's cousin, Joseph Barron, says "she was well loved. She was a good person. She helped take care of her mother over the years. She was a good person, very good person."

Rodney Gray adds "I just hope they find the person who did it - just for my family's sake and everybody else."

The investigation is ongoing. 

Anyone with information is asked to call 704-432-TIPS.

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