Car driven into pole and home in north Charlotte

Trinity Road blocked after wreck

A possible case of street racing is the cause of a serious accident overnight when a car lost control and crashed through a power pole before hitting a house.

Linda Williams says she woke up to her daughter screaming, "somebody hit the house, get up, get up."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said two cars were running side by side down Trinity Road in north Charlotte at a very high rate of speed early Friday morning.  One of the cars lost control, locked up it's brakes and skidded into a power pole snapping in two.
The car continued on, hitting a house several yards away.  No one in the house was injured.
Officers say the skid marks left by the car, which measure about 40 yards tell them these vehicles were going way too fast for the neighborhood street.
It also indicates the two cars may have been racing one another.
The driver of the car wasn't hurt.  The other car who is accused of being involved in the street racing took off.
When the power pole hit the ground, it pulled out the high tension lines, causing even more power lines to drop about three blocks away.
The lines shorted, and sparked, resulting in a small fire which was monitored by Charlotte Firefighters until Duke Energy crews could arrive on scene.
A report taken by police shows the driver is Gregory Holmes, 19. There's no word on charges as of this point against him.

Neighbors say speeding has become a recent problem. "They [drivers] don't have no respect for us," Betty Singleton said. One resident who didn't want to be identified said she would like to see speed bumps placed on the street. "This is not NASCAR speedway...this is a residential neighborhood.. the same car that was on the tow truck [this morning] was the same car that was speeding coming up the road [several days ago]..and I knew one day eventually he would end up in a wreck."

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