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Widened I-77 could mean noise walls for some residents


With the  N.C. Department of Transportation working to expand I-77 between Charlotte and Iredell County to make room for toll lanes, state officials are proposing building noise walls to help residents along that stretch of the highway cope with the expected increase levels of traffic noise.

Renee Pride Dunlap lives on Dean Street in – which is next to I-77 in Charlotte – and she says "I think the noise wall is really needed for the neighborhood."

Dunlap says, as it stands right now, the traffic noise is loud from the highway. She believes the I-77 HOT lanes project will "probably double, probably will double. Something will need to be done."

State Transportation officials say they're willing to construct 23 noise walls along the proposed project. Charlotte – between Brookshire Freeway and I-85 – would get 15 noise walls.

Residents will vote for or against noise walls.

State officials say if the communities want noise walls, residents will decide the texture and color of noise walls.

People on Dean Street in Charlotte say they have neighbors who've lived on the street for more than 50 years. They say the traffic noise is a quality of life issue.

"This is a historic neighborhood and I think it needs to be preserved for the older people here and the new people coming in. There's an increase in traffic so a noise wall will definitely do that" says Renee Pride Dunlap.

She says she has questions so she will attend the meeting about noise walls with state transportation officials scheduled for Thursday night.

"I would like to know are we definitely going to get noise walls?  And how long will it take? What will be the effect on the neighborhood, especially the residents that stay on the highway side" says Renee Pride Dunlap.

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