Union Co. School Board sues county over budget, says current funding won't cut it

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - The Union County Board of Education filed a lawsuit against the Union County Board of Commissioners Thursday afternoon over the budget impasse to fund the county's public schools.

The Board of Education is requesting a jury trial to determine how much money is necessary to fund Union County's public schools for the upcoming school year.

The school board passed a proposed budget for the 2014 fiscal year in April, according to the lawsuit, asking the county for $86.1 million.

On June 17, the county commission passed its budget, appropriating just over $82 million, $5 million less than the school system said it needed to operate all of its existing services.

County commissioners and board of education members met with a mediator four times over the summer to try and resolve their differences over funding but were unsuccessful.

When budget talks fell through again on Wednesday, the board of education prepared its lawsuit.

In the lawsuit the board of education argues that the money given to them from the county is not enough to run the county's free public school system for the upcoming school year.

The board is asking a jury to determine the amount legally necessary from all sources that is necessary to maintain a system of free public schools and to order the county to pay them that amount.

The school board also request in the lawsuit that the county be able to levy new taxes to help come up with the necessary money.

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