Flood damages 530 Catawba Co. homes

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) - Catawba County Emergency Management Officials said late Tuesday they've received 530 reports of homes damaged by flooding in their county.

Tuesday we found contractors in one home beginning the process of repair.

"Basically anything porous from four foot down has to come out. Carpet, flooring, tile," said Kevin Sides with ServePro home restoration.

Kevin Sides and his company got started today on 4 rental units on Boston Road in Newton. He says any place where that water went has to be ripped out.

"It's category 3 flood waters and there's bacteria and things that are just nasty in there that you don't want to leave behind," Sides said.

Governor Pat McCrory visited parts of Lincoln and Catawba Counties, including the home of a couple in Hickory. The Parlier family told WBTV their yard looked like a lake just 48 hours ago. Parts of their home also suffered damage.

"We can get through it. God gave us everything. We'll get through it," Earlene Parlier said.

Sides says not removing all traces of moisture can lead to serious problems with mold. He also says he's seen enough disasters to know of another problem, one not caused by mother nature.

"If a contractor comes in asking for half up front, that's where you come into somebody taking your money."

Catawba County officials say they've heard no reports of bogus contractors but that doesn't mean they're not around. The Better Business Bureau warns flood victims to make sure anyone you hire comes with references and a clean work record.

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