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Extra summer rain caused by stalled pattern

May, June and July has been a wet spring and summer for the Charlotte area. The seemingly endless streak of rain is attributed to an unusual weather pattern usually seen during winter months.

Meteorologist Al Conklin says a low pressure system is stuck in place. That is what's causing the rain that won't seem to go away. And the floods that have now caused millions of dollars in damage.

"As we were coming out of may and in June and July is where it really kicked into full gear and that's why I say we have some places like Hickory where they've had upwards of 20 inches of rain since June 1st. So that's essentially about half a year's worth of rain in 2 months time," said Conklin.

The ground is soaked, streams, creeks and rivers are swollen. Al says this could be setting us up for a potential disaster if a tropical storm should come our way.

"It doesn't take a huge Katrina type system to bring us 40 inches of rain. It could just be a dying tropical storm. And if that were to happen where we already have these super saturated conditions that could be disastrous more so than what we've seen so far."

Eventually, Al says this system will move on. In the mean time, always be prepared, even in places where flooding seems unlikely.

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