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Local NC DOT Divisions slammed with road repairs

Elsie Bocker says the only good thing about Gilead Road in Huntersville buckling last month, is that the neighborhood is a little more quiet.

There's not as much traffic, but there are still plenty of drivers who ignore the big, orange closure warning signs a mile up the road.

"Oh, yes, yes. I guess they can't read," Bocker said jokingly. Many of those drivers use her driveway to turn around.

The project outside her front door is just one of many to sprout up since torrential rains have fallen across the WBTV viewing area the past month. NC DOT crews are slammed with road repairs.

NC DOT Division 10, which includes Mecklenburg County, had 14 weather-related projects the past month. Mallard Creek Road was added this past weekend said spokesperson Jen Thompson.

A few counties over, it's worse. NC DOT Division 12, which includes Gaston, Lincoln, and Catawba Counties got socked with 53 road projects this weekend. At least eight roads were washed out completely according to Jerry Higgins with NC DOT, Division 12.

Repair time depends on a lot, including whether the DOT can make the repairs with their own people and equipment. It saves time and money.

If it's a really extensive job, DOT must get bids, hire contractors, and order parts. All of which can take longer and cost more money.

Maintenance money will pay for most it. However, other projects like mowing, litter pick up and potholes could be delayed.

It's so neighbors like Elsie can count on life returning to normal very soon.

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