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Roads closed from flooding, people ignoring barricaded streets

The Lincoln County region continues to recover from the devastating flooding event that struck our area over the past weekend. 

Damage assessments are ongoing as of the time of this press release and no preliminary figures are available. 

Multiple roadways remain closed due to the extensive damage that they received during this disaster.

Those closed roadways are:

  • Hoover Road
  • Macedonia Church Road
  • Palm Tree Church Road
  • Burgin Smith Road
  • Beam Lumber Road
  • Zur Leonard Road
  • Hallman Mill Road
  • Reeps Grove Church Road
  • Dan Rhyne Road
  • Tallent Road
  • Bill Sain Road
  • Howards Creek Mill Road 

As of this time, there has not been a federal disaster declaration for Lincoln County. 

The Lincoln County Emergency Management Office is collecting names, addresses and phone numbers of those individuals and businesses in the county that have received damage during this event. 

If anyone living in or any businesses that are located in the county fall into this criterion, they are asked to please call the Lincoln County Emergency Management Office at (704) 736-8660. Information will be kept on file for use in the event a federal declaration is received.

"We are still having trouble with citizens attempting to drive around barricades that the North Carolina Department of Transportation has placed on roads that are closed," Lincoln County officials told WBTV.

"These roads are closed due to the inherent danger that they pose to the public.  We are strongly urging the public to not go around any barricaded roadways under any circumstances.  By doing so, they are putting their own lives in jeopardy as well as anyone else that may be with them."

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