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Tax free shopping isn't the same in the Carolinas

This is the last weekend to enjoy North Carolina's tax free shopping!  Since 2002 shoppers have had two weekends a year to purchase items without paying state or local sales tax, but under the new tax reform law signed last week, the holidays disappear after this weekend.

If you are shopping in South Carolina, the tax free weekends remain.  The Palmetto state doesn't put a price tag on how much items must cost in order to qualify.  But that's not the case in North Carolina.  For example, in North Carolina you can buy a winter coat for $99.99 and it is tax exempt.  But if you find a coat you want that is $105.00 it won't be tax free. 

Under the rules in North Carolina purchases of school supplies, clothing and footwear under $100 per item are tax free.  You can also purchase up to $3,500 in computer equipment and not pay taxes.  That really adds up for some counties where the combined state and local tax is over 7%.  You can also spend up to $250 dollars on computer accessories and not pay taxes.  This year the deal is less for sports gear.  You can only spend $50 and get it tax free. 

The holiday begins at 12:01am on Friday August 2 and runs until Sunday August 4 at 11:59pm.  Some local malls are opening early and staying open late to give shoppers a chance to maximize the deals. 

Make sure you comparison shop for big ticket items and make a list of what you really need before you head out. 

South Carolina's tax weekends are much more open

North Carolina is very specific about what is covered.

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