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What happens when you're tired of saying "no"?


Editor's Note: Please consult your doctor before starting any new fitness or diet program

I know. It's been awhile since my last blog update. I've just been struggling: partly with the scale (it wont budge) and with maintaining a new lifestyle.

And then it hit me: what if others are struggling, too?

So I'm sharing my battles in hopes it will help you with yours.

Can I be frank? I'm tired of saying "no" to sugar. There. I said it. It's out there!

If that's wrong, then --at least in this instance-- I don't wanna be right!

Since January, I have been (for the most part) saying "no" to sugar. No to chocolate cake. No to the friggin' bread basket whenever I'm out to dinner. No to more than one glass of wine. No to cheese in my scrambled eggs, salads -- and well, you get the picture.

That's a LOT of saying no!

So when I went to the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago for one of BFF's bachelorette weekend, I decided I wouldn't say "no."
I mean,  you can't be on a island with cocktails, amazing food and your girlfriends -- and be on #TeamNOSugar. You gotta live a little!

And boy, did I LIVE. I had my favorite drinks, dessert every night, French toast or (amazing!) pancakes for breakfast and enough conch fritters to feed a small army!

BUT -- I also worked out everyday. That's the deal I made with myself. Even made a 6:30 am spin class one morning! (Still can't believe that one!)

And I'm proud to say that when I got on the scale when I got back I had gained any weight.  I'll take that over losing some and NOT being able to really experience vacation any day!

So here are my lessons learned.

1. You CAN live a little! Feel free to go off the reservation (as I like to call it). So long as you know you're coming BACK!

2. Detoxing -- and getting back on the wagon is no joke! (I had a near miss with the pastry counter at Starbucks.) But it can be DONE.

3. Getting tired of saying "no" is normal. It doesn't make you a failure and it certainly doesn't undo all the hard work (the blood, sweat and tears) you've put into changing your life so far. I mean, hello, I'm  down 40lbs!)

4. This is a LIFESTYLE change. You'll  be making these choices for the rest of your life. So, you won't be saying "no" ALL of the time. It's about balance, hard work and knowing when to live a little.

Remember every finish line is the beginning of a new race. Don't quit, keep going and go get 'em!

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