Plane Delayed When Bees Swarm; Panthers Training Camp

Good morning to you on this Thursday, 25 July 2013, from the WBTV News morning team...John Carter reporting to you this morning!  Hope your day is off to a good start!  Is your television set on right now?  If not, take a moment to turn it on...we have a lot of news you'll want to hear this morning from 4:30 to 7:00!

There's been a lot of talk about the "buzz" being back in Charlotte.  Plenty of buzz at Charlotte Douglas International airport...that had nothing to do with the NBA.  Cam Man Ron Lee will be live this morning with details of one plane being delayed several hours at the airport...after thousands of bees swarmed the plane!

All lanes of I-77 are open again this morning following a wreck near Remount Road in south Charlotte.  Three people were hurt in the wreck.  An odd occurrence led to the wreck...we have more details.

We're getting new details about that terrible deadly train wreck in Spain.  Overnight, the death toll rose to least 140 people hurt.

Members of the North Carolina senate could give final approval to a voter I-D bill today.  A protest over the bill led to several arrests last night.

We're going to show you surveillance video of a crook who hid in the bathroom of a K-Mart in Pineville, then snuck out after closing and stole thousands of dollars of jewelry from the store.

It's the beginning of training camp for the Carolina Panthers today!  Players will report to camp today then begin practice tomorrow.  And speaking of the Panthers...we've got word the team has won the NFL's Greatest Uniform in NFL History on-line contest!

And what do you think about this?  A new study says women buy those designer shoes and handbags to prevent other women from stealing their man!  Oh...this one is sure to be a talker today!  Tune in to get more on the study.

All that and so much more...when you join us from 4:30 to 7:00 this morning.  See you then!