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Thieves on the hunt for guns and motorcycles, says CMPD


A stern warning from Charlotte Mecklenburg Police. Thieves are breaking into cars, on the hunt for guns to steal.

It's happening in the Eastway Division off Central Avenue. Thieves hit two different streets in one neighborhood.

That's the last thing Raymond Youngblood wanted to hear.

"I'm very concerned," he said. "Not just for myself but the seniors in the neighborhood."

Police are just as concerned and so determined to get the word out, the disturbing trend got top billing in a July online newsletter.

"This is serious as now there are three more guns in the hands of bad folks," wrote Officer Dave Artieri. "I can go on about this for an entire newsletter, but I'll refrain." 

"That's a dangerous thing because guns in the hands of a criminal means more crime," said Youngblood. 

Across town in the University city division, police there are dealing with a different problem: auto theft. Specifically motorcycles and mopeds stolen from apartment complexes.

Carson Woodell, a UNCC student, lives in apartment community and didn't think thieves would be so bold.

"It's pretty gutsy," he said.

Police agree and say thieves are cutting locks off the motorcycles and mopeds and loading them onto a truck to haul them away.

It's why they're trying to get the word out, something Woodell is glad to hear.

"I could imagine some people that this happened to would, you know, be very upset about it so I think it's good that they're stepping that up," he said.

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