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See, Click, Fix: Drivers who balked at arrow changes now satisfied

We're revisiting one intersection in west Charlotte, where many of you are going to be pleased with the issue WBTV's Christine Nelson and See, Click, Fix was able to resolve here.

First, a problem we told you about a couple weeks ago:

WBTV viewer Jack Bradford brought to our attention a problem on Highway 115 in Mount Mourne. At one point drivers pass a 25-foot drop off just feet from the highway.

There's nothing there keeping a car that loses control from careening to the bottom.

We told North Carolina Department of Transportation officials. They sent an inspector and it was determined a guardrail was warranted.

See, Click, Fix was there as crews went to work installing the guardrail, as they made holes in the ground to start installing the guardrail posts.

The guardrail installation was complete after a full work day.

Now to the problem here the intersection of Camp Greene Street and Freedom Drive.

For the longest, the right lane on Camp Greene allowed drivers to either go straight through or make a right. The left had a left turn only arrow.

For some reason Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) officials changed that, and it caused enough confusion drivers say there were near misses at the intersection.

After sending several reminders and follow ups to CDOT asking to change these arrows to be changed back a crew finally did.

Right now, the right lane is back to being a straight through and right turn lane. The left lane is back to being a left turn only.

Both problems, officially solved!!

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