Budget Vote Today; Cuddling Important

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Members of the North Carolina house and senate are expected to give tentative approval for the new budget later today.  It will bring a lot of changes.  We're taking a close look at what you can expect...and how it will impact you.  We'll have a live report.

A state-wide teacher's group says it might take the North Carolina legislature to court over education spending in the new budget deal.  The State School Superintendent says the spending plan makes her worried for students.

A Charlotte firefighter is out of jail this morning after posting 10-thousand dollars bond.  He's been charged with assault and cruelty to animals.

Charlotte City Council has named the replacement for the District One seat that was vacated when Patsy Kinsey was appointed interim Mayor.

Pope Francis has arrived in Brazil for the Catholic church's World Youth Day festival.

Do you ever eat at Taco Bell?  The restaurant now says it will no longer serve kids meals and give away toys.  We'll tell you why.

Still no word on a name for the new Royal baby...we'll have the latest on the boy born to Kate and William yesterday.

Cuddling may be more important than you think...not just for newborns, but for their parents as well.  Astrid Martinez has an all new story for the morning that every parent or parent-to-be should see!

Major league baseball players are reacting with anger after one of the game's biggest stars, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun, accepted a 65-game suspension for unspecified "violations" of baseball's drug program and labor contract.

It's going to get hot today...with a high UV index...and not much chance of rain.  Al Conklin will have your First Alert Weather forecast.

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