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CMPD reveals top 3 secrets of burglars after spike in burglaries

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They are the top three things a burglar will never tell you. Things you might be doing that could make your home the perfect target for a crook on the prowl.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are letting homeowners in on the top three secrets in an effort to combat a rise in home break-ins, especially in the Steele Creek division in southwest Charlotte.

Number three: they hate noisy neighbors and loud dogs the most.

Linda Dawkins has lived in her neighborhood in southwest Charlotte for 30 years and she wears her nosy neighbor label with pride.

"I'm watchful of my street," she said.

It's her watchful eyes police say can be like kryptonite to burglars.

"My neighbor across the street laughs at me cause I say if it's someone I've never seen before I'll get my camera and take a picture of them," said Dawkins. 

Her neighbor, Grace Garris may laugh but she's grateful that Linda is so watchful.

"If a strange car, parks in front of my house, she gets the license plate and gets a picture of it,' she recalled. 

Number 2: they love window shopping so keep your blinds and curtains closed --even during the daytime.

"My curtains stay closed all the time," said Garris. "And my storm door stays locked."

But the number one secret of burglars -- they've gone digital -- trolling Facebook to see status updates of when you're headed out of town.

Police say it's easier than you think for a crook to track down your address.

It's why Linda says you'll never see that kind of status on her Facebook page.

"I might say it when I come back," she said, chuckling. "Went to Vegas, had a ball! Didn't say when I went, though."

For a complete list of burglar secrets from CMPD, click here and scroll down to the very last page.

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