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24 Hours of Booty answers questions about Livestrong

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It is one of the largest fundraisers  in our area. Cyclists ride for hours in honor and support of family and friends impacted by cancer.

Each year, 24 hours of booty raises more than $1 million dollars in donations.  But where exactly does the money go?

"The biggest part that we fund is the patient navigation programs," said Basil Lyberg, executive director of 24 Hours of Booty.

Lyberg says 50 percent of the money raised helps fund local cancer charities;  the other 50 percent goes to the Livestrong Foundation.

So anybody, anywhere in the country can call Livestrong and get the support to figure out how to pay for their hospital bills," said Lyberg.

But some donors question how the Livestrong foundation actually uses the donations. The foundation has been at the center of controversy since its founder, Lance Armstrong, admitted to doping during historic Tour De France wins. He's since stepped down.

The Livestrong foundation says instead of investing in clinical research, its mission is to help cancer survivors and Lyberg say he's heard the success stories.

"We've had a lot of riders who have had to call Livestrong for their help and we get emails that come back to say they don't  know what they would've done facing their cancer and they're thankful for their support of the foundation, " said Lyberg.

Lyberg says Livestrong provides him detailed reports tracking how donations are used.

He says he's had little push back from local donors and donations are right on target for this weekend's fundraiser.Angela Olson plans to attend.

"People are so excited about the event , that where the funding goes to really hasn't been much of  concern  I think we'd all like to believe that people are in it for the right reasons," she said.

24 Hours of Booty will have about 1,200 riders this year and starts this Friday in the Myers Park neighborhood.

For more information, visit www.24hoursofbooty.org.

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