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New state budget to be approved by state legislature this week


Republicans in the Legislature are putting their stamp on public school education, the biggest chunk of the $20-billion state budget.

A GOP plan heading toward expected approval would scrap tenure for teachers, cut funding for thousands of teaching assistants and let armed volunteers into public schools as safety officers.

If there was once place in Charlotte where critics of the new state budget could be found, then look no further than a shopping center parking lot in University City.

It was the staging area for yet another Moral Monday.

Before demonstrators left for Raleigh, their message to North Carolina's leadership is that the state spending plan does not offer a wide enough social safety net.

Reverend Ricky Woods First Baptist West feels that a number of individuals and programs will be left out in the cold.

"There is a tremendous need to support social programs", he said. "When you consider that North Carolina ranks higher than the National Average in unemployment, and the first thing the governor did was to sign a bill to cut unemployment benefits."

However, decision makers in Raleigh are expanding some programs.

The new budget means that more highway patrolmen will be on roads, and the courts around the state will get needed assistance with extra magistrates.

Help is also coming to pay for new roads, and the state Medicaid program is targeted to receive an extra billion and half dollars to absorb cost overruns.

Last week, House Speaker Thom Tillis was trumpeting tax reform, but one of his causes this year made it through.

North Carolina has come up with 10 million dollars in damages for victims of the state sponsored sterilization program.

Mae Frances Moore of Gaston County was among the thousands undergoing the process of eugenics.

She may be entitled to 50 thousand dollars, and has traveled a very long road.

She said, " I hope this is it. I hope this is it."

The budget plan was unveiled late Sunday, and is expected approval in the General Assembly this week.

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