Hundreds turn out for latest rally, vigil for Trayvon Martin in Uptown Charlotte

People in Charlotte joined thousands in cities nationwide, calling for the federal government to bring charges against George Zimmerman.

A week after the neighborhood watch captain was found not guilty in the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, the NAACP and True Healing Under God hosted events to call for change.

True Healing Under God hosted a prayer vigil outside the Federal Courthouse on West Trade Street at noon Saturday. It was one of approximately 100 simultaneous events taking place nationwide.

The NAACP then organized a Justice for Trayvon march from Marshall Park to the courthouse later in the day. Police reported no arrests. Things were peaceful as protesters made their message loud and clear.

"To kill a young man take his life and come out and the jury say not guilty it was wrong," protester Kathy Jones said.

Marchers say this event is important and they had to attend. Some believe the not guilty verdict proves America is reliving an ugly part of history many would like to forget.

"I am seeing the same things that happened in the 60's. We can't go back," protester Phyllis Jones said.

Outside the federal courthouse, people prayed. Especially when it comes to the controversial "stand your ground" laws in Florida. Many hope Saturday's rally will make a difference.

"I hope it makes the governor of Florida wake up because my understanding (is) he is not going to change anything but change will come. It aint over," Kathy Jones said.

Attorneys for George Zimmerman say the jury last week came to the right verdict based on evidence and the law. Attorney Mark O'Mara said his client used deadly force to protect himself. George Zimmerman hasn't been seen since being acquitted. His family insists race did not play a role in Trayvon Martin's death.

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