Injured swan finds love in a new home

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - Beverly Rochester got word of the injured swan that had come to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, and decided to help.

Lance the swan was found wandering on the side of a road with a broken wing. After he was well enough to be adopted, Beverly did just that and brought him to live in the lake behind her Matthews home. There was another swan already living in the lake.

"I had just put Lance in the water when I adopted him and later that afternoon they were both taking a nap together, it was really cute," said Beverly.

Swanson and Lance have since been inseparable. The two follow each other around the lake swimming within feet of each other. They take naps together on the shore. Many think it's a beautiful story with a happy ending. But some people, including Beverly don't think Swanson is a girl. "I think they're best friends," said Beverly.

But Jennifer Gordon with the waterfowl rescue group says she's convinced it is in fact a male and female match made in heaven.

"The fact that these two love each other in what ever way kind of means they were meant to be together," said Gordon.

The two swans seem to have found happiness in each other. Whether as buddies or something a little more serious, only time will tell. Swans typically don't mate until spring.

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