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Animal control removes 8 cats from Ballantyne home due to squalid conditions


Animal Control officers removed eight cats from a Ballantyne home on Wednesday after they found the cats living alone in squalid living conditions.

Officers responded to a townhome on the 8800 block of Roseton Lane on Wednesday after the caretaker of several cats alerted animal control to the conditions inside the house, according to the search warrant from CMPD's Animal Care & Control Unit.

The caretaker notified the owner and animal control on July 5th that she refused to keep caring for the animals due to their living conditions.

The owner, Shirley Waterman, was able to get another pet sitter, according to the warrant.

On July 14th, officers met with the new pet sitter who showed the animal control officer the home.

She also was no longer willing to care for the cats because of the living conditions. She told investigators there were anywhere between four and 10 cats inside the home at any given time.

Officers did not go into the home but opened the door and were able to smeall a strong odor of urine and feces coming from inside.

The pet sitter told officers she would have to cover her face when she went inside to feed the cats and that vomit and feces were all over the house, according to the warrant.

She also told officers that you had to carefully navigate through the home as there were piles of stuff going almost to the ceiling.

Animal control officers entered the home on Wednesday and seized eight cats due to city ordinace and pet cruelty violations.

The investigation is ongoing.

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