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"A Closer Look": NC Democratic Party Chairman Randy Voller on his turbulent start

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Democratic party Chairman Randy Voller talks about the uneasy start to his tenure, and plans to lead the party into 2014 Democratic party Chairman Randy Voller talks about the uneasy start to his tenure, and plans to lead the party into 2014

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Randy Voller's tenure as Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party has been anything but a smooth ride. He won election in February by 11 votes and since then splits have formed among the leadership inside the party.  Some members of the Executive Committee have called for Voller's resignation. Others have taken to drafting a petition to have Voller removed from the position. While admitting that he has shaken up those who have been in power for years, Voller steadfastly says he has no plans to leave.

"The party right now is in transition," Voller said. "We're not in power, we can see what's happening in the Governor's Mansion and in the General Assembly, and our party now has to adopt an offensive stance and say ‘now, we're the minority party and we're going to have to stand up for the people of North Carolina'. The best move for me as the party leader is to get around to the 100 counties of this state and follow through on what I said I was going to do, which was visit these county parties, build these organizations, and build strength for 2014."

Despite the turbulence within the party, Voller sees Democrats across the state rallying behind Senator Kay Hagan as she runs for reelection in 2014. Voller agrees that the Senatorial seat will be the signature race in North Carolina, he believes the party will be ready to take back the leadership in Raleigh as well.

"I think we're going to come out with a very strong Democratic platform in 2014," Voller said in an interview between meetings in Wilmington. "Don't be surprised if we come out with a ‘Contract with North Carolina' or ‘10 or 12 points' because I think you're getting a distillation of ideas and ideology right now (in Raleigh). In some regards, that is a good thing for the citizens of the state to see. I would think that next year we're going to come out with some very strong messages and say ‘Look, this is what we stand for; this is who we are, and this is who they are'."

After serving four terms as Mayor of Pittsboro, Voller did not file to run for reelection in 2013. He decided instead to devote his full-time attention to duties as Party Chairman.

"After four terms, I decided I was going to focus full-time on the municipal elections in 2013 and next year's elections in 2014," Voller said during an interview Friday afternoon with WECT News.  "Anyone who has served and who really cares about their town or the district they served in, it's always a tough decision not to file. I was driving down here with staff saying ‘I really want to', but I made the decision and when the time is right you hang it up, you don't want to be a guy out on the field too long."

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