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Asiana plane crash victim was alive when hit by fire truck

Asiana crash victim killed by fire truck. (Source: NTSB/CNN) Asiana crash victim killed by fire truck. (Source: NTSB/CNN)

SAN FRANCISCO (RNN) - San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault has confirmed that Asiana plane crash victim Ye Meng Yuan was killed when she was hit by a fire truck at the scene of the crash.

The 16-year-old Chinese student died of blunt force trauma injuries consistent with being run over, according to Foucrault's report. She was one of three people who died as a result of the crash.

According to police, Yuan was covered in fire-retardant foam that first responders sprayed on the plane.

The autopsy did not conclude which responding vehicle hit Yuan, who was classmate of another victim, 15-year-old Liu Yipeng.

The girls were traveling to a summer camp in southern California along with other classmates and teachers.

San Francisco Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White said that the coroner's finding was "devastating news".

"Obviously, this is very difficult news for us," said Hayes-White. "We're heartbroken. We're in the business of saving lives and many lives were saved that day on July 6th, related to flight 214. I continue to be proud of all the men and women in our department. Many of our members risked their lives to save passengers and crew that day."

The Boeing 777 came in for a landing at San Francisco International Airport well below its target speed, as well as too low. The tail of the plane hit a sea wall next to the runway.

A total of 307 people - 291 passengers and 16 crew members - were aboard the plane. About 182 people were injured in the plane crash.

The flight originated in Shanghai, China, and stopped in Seoul, South Korea, before continuing to San Francisco.

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