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Dangerous intersections for Charlotte pedestrians and bicyclists


The city of Charlotte just released a report about how safe it is to drive in the Queen City. Overall crashes in the city have decreased by about 4%, but accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists increased last year.

There were 299 accidents involving pedestrians last year compared to 252 in 2011. Bicyclists had 112 encounters with cars in 2012 that's up from 90 in 2011.

The city also reports that half of all accidents that were fatal in the Charlotte area were pedestrians. That concerns city leaders. They have this message for drivers.

"It's a level of awareness," CDOT spokesperson Nicole Ramsey said. "And just asking people to put down the cell phone while they are driving and get rid of all distractions."

The city wants to start a campaign to address that issue.

City staff collected information for the Traffic Collision Report. They studied accidents all over Charlotte. They identified the high accident areas and ranked them from 1 to 65, one being the most dangerous.

They looked at how much traffic was on the road and divided it by how many accidents there were. That's how they ranked Cambridge Commons Drive and Harrisburg Road as the number one place for accidents to happen.

The 3rd and 4th Connector Street came in at number five. Drivers say they know why.

"There is not enough room," Driver Jimmy Cavalarif said. "Everybody tries to go in this lane to get into the inner loop. It's just poorly designed."

The city says a committee will be formed to address each concern and come up with solutions.

If you want to read the entire report and see the dangerous intersections, click here.

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