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Rock Hill construction company stays cool while battling heat


Temperatures peaked in the 90's in some of our viewing area on Wednesday and a heat wave that's hanging over the east coast is making the mercury in thermometers rise even faster.

So how do people who have to work in this heat stay cool?

Just last week, we told you about how construction for Apple Tree Contractors was on hold due to rain.

Well the rain has let up… for now.

"It's kind of like going from the soup bowl right into the frying pan," said Apple Tree Contractors Owner Chad Simpson.

But now Simpson and his workers have to deal with temperatures reaching the mid 90's in Rock Hill.

"It's just miserable. There's not anything really good about it," said construction worker Keith McKenzie.

"When we have people working on a roof, it can be 90 degrees down here, but it's 120 or 130 degrees on a roof," said Simpson.

A heat dome is sitting over majority of the east coast including the Carolinas.

Doctors recommend drinking plenty of liquids and Simpson provides his men with plenty of Gatorade to make sure they make it through the day.

"On a humid day you may have to drink a half a gallon or three-quarters of a gallon of water," said McKenzie.

Those aren't the only measures Simpson takes to make sure his workers are safe.

He created a buddy system so workers can watch out for each other and even pushed his crews' start time back to 6am to help avoid peak heat hours.

"Workers' safety is paramount and always in the forefront of my mind. We want to keep these guys safe and healthy," said Simpson.

Simpson says he'll do whatever it takes to keep his men on their feet while combating the heat.

Pets, small children and people with pre-existing conditions are most susceptible to heat related illnesses.

 If you feel dizzy or fatigued, you're asked to get into a cool area and drink plenty of water or Gatorade. Avoid soft drinks and sodas.


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