KBB.com says N Charlotte Toyota Camry is a top-ten sedan!

KBB.com says N Charlotte Toyota Camry is a top-ten sedan!
N Charlotte Toyota Camry
N Charlotte Toyota Camry
2013 Toyota Camry
2013 Toyota Camry

If you're looking for an affordable four-sedan that doesn't put the brakes on style, then you'll want to examine the 2013 Toyota Camry near Charlotte. KBB.com recently released a list of the "Ten Best Sedans Under $25,000 for 2013," and this new Toyota near Charlotte was on it! Given how much praise this vehicle has received over the years, though, it's not too surprising that such a favored option around the world would be called a top pick for an affordable price. In fact, its affordability has helped it gather numerous awards and recognitions over the years! IntelliChoice has recognized various trim-levels of this model (including the hybrid options) with many awards including:

  • Ownership Costs Award
  • Retained Value Award
  • Maintenance Costs Award
  • Fuel Costs Award
  • Operating Costs Award

Even KBB.com praises it for its dependability and value! So besides the fact that it's affordable and dependable, what else does this four-door car have to offer?

Make the most of luxury in the Toyota Camry!

Many luxurious and refined vehicles can be found on our lot, and the N Charlotte Toyota Camry is no exception to this. Depending on the trim-level that you choose to drive home (and there are four different gas-powered ones to consider), you could slide behind the wheel into a sleek leather seat every single day. However, this is only the beginning of where luxury and practicality come together in the new Toyota Camry.

  • Did you know that some trim-levels are able to sport a moonroof? This means that you can have a beautiful view of the night sky or enjoy warm sunshine from above. This small detail serves to enhance the enjoyment of every driving experience, no matter how near or far the destination may be. 
  • Don't forget about the fact that the very design of this vehicle is structured to create optimum legroom. It can be tempting to think that comfort and luxury are only available to passengers riding shotgun, but this new Toyota nullifies this preconception. In this vehicle, the seats and car's structure are created to help provide backseat passengers with more leg room so they don't have to feel uncomfortable. 

Enjoy a customized driving experience in this N Charlotte Toyota!

One of the great things about taking home this new Toyota near Charlotte is that along with the variety of trim-levels available, there are also many different types of interior details to enjoy. Different models have details such as silver, wood-grain, and even metallic accents to help create the luxurious and sophisticated interior environment so many drivers enjoy. 

All of this and more is available for drivers to make the most of for the low starting MSRP of $22,235! If you want affordable luxury to enjoy on a daily basis, then the 2013 Toyota Camry might be what you've been waiting for. Why hesitate to know for sure? Just take I-77 to see us at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville to take this model out for a spin. We can't wait to see you!


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