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Police warning about office creepers, say you could be their next victim


Police in uptown are calling them office creepers. Someone who look like your co-worker or perhaps even a delivery or repair person -- only they're there to make you their next victim.

Richard Straitiff who works in Uptown says he has definitely questioned suspicious behavior before.

"I'm always kind of skeptical," he admitted. "I'm like, what are you doing? Or how can I help you?"

That's exactly what police say you should do. Anyone who looks out of place, going from office to office or constantly standing outside the building watching the doors open and close -- police say that's suspicious behavior and you should speak up.

"I know when I'm sitting at my desk and I see people I don't know, sometimes I do think if they're creepers," said Straitiff. "Or whether they're supposed to be in the building."

Still Aleiah Miller, who's interning at an IT firm in center city this summer, finds it hard to believe given the tight security.

"I feel like our building is pretty secure," she said. "Every floor you have to be certified to be on that floor so you also have to swipe to get in the doors to get on there. Swipe on the elevators."

But if she did see someone suspicious?

"I would definitely report it to somebody," she quickly pointed out. "Just because of the type of work that's done."

Back to Straitiff who says he's just glad police are warning them now before the problem becomes rampant.

"It's not an issue until something big happens," he pointed out. "So it's always good to nip it in the bud."

CMPD says you should also be aware of what it's calling the "head popper." This is the opportunistic thief or burglar that quickly pops his/her head into a room or wrong door, pretending to look for a specific office or person.

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