Good News: Even breast cancer can't bring her down

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Inside the Shell station on Freedom Drive in West Charlotte, standing proud behind the counter, Angie Webb is the reason most customers come in.

Customers line up to sing her praises, "She's never in a bad mood, she's always cracking jokes." said one regular. "She has a way of perking you up," said another.

Everybody says nothing can get her down. With her biting sarcasm and bald head, she proves them right.

"I think I cried when my hair fell out. That's the only time I really cried," said Angie of the cancer that could have taken her life.

It's only human to consider stage 3 breast cancer a crushing blow. But for Angie, it wasn't. Just over a week ago, doctors removed her left breast. But left behind every trace of her optimism.

"I came back to work. I'm still here. Only half of me, but we'll get some more of those (she says with a wink) Be better than it was when I started right?"

A certain amount of pride comes with being a survivor. As Angie proves when she pulls off the bandana that covers her bald head. "No big deal I'll show it. See?"

Battle scars become badges of courage. And cancer becomes a memory that barely left a mark.

She sums up her journey in one sentence, "It's a long road, just a small detour. That's all it is is just a detour. It's a beautiful thing."

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