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People in Burke and Caldwell Counties prepare for third day of cleanup from storm


Driving down Highway 90 in Caldwell County on Sunday, a WBTV crew spotted lots of debris and damage that remained from a storm two nights prior.

Trees toppled onto properties. Roads washed out. Homeowners raking hundreds of leaves that fell from their trees due to what the National Weather Service calls a microburst, or sudden high winds.

WBTV spoke to one man on Sunday whose driveway was washed away. His neighbors pitched in to build a temporary foot bridge until a new driveway is built later this week.

Earlier Sunday, Caldwell County officials say a road was closed for second time. A mudslide covered Adako Road. The mud and debris was cleaned up and the road reopened Sunday afternoon.

In a statement, Blue Ridge Electric says power to the hard-hit area of Collettesville was restored Saturday evening. Hundreds of people were without power due to downed trees and power lines Friday night.

Minutes after the storm passed Caldwell County, WBTV found cars on top of each other, a boat on top of a car, downed trees and roads blocked with people trapped on the other side. Emergency management officials urged people who live in the area to stay in their homes and let firefighters and power crews work their way to them.

There was at least one house fire in the Collettsville area caused by downed power lines.

When the sun rose on Saturday, electric crews teamed up with U.S. and state forestry workers to removed all of the trees and other debris in the town.

County Public Information Officer LouAnne Kincaid took WBTV on a tour of the hardest hit areas. Small hail was still on the ground, along with trees and power lines.

The National Weather Service says it appears a microburst, or sudden high winds, toppled trees and power lines in a four-mile stretch of the town.

Several roads were closed to traffic. Among them: Adako Road, Playmore Beach Road and a stretch of Highway 90 north.

While the cleanup continues, any residents that are isolated are asked to call the Caldwell County Emergency Command Center at 828-757-1424 to notify crews of their needs.

In Burke County, a private road is impassable after a bridge was washed away by the rain. Log Hollow Lane is cut off to traffic. A homeowner who lives on the street tells WBTV three families won't be able to drive out of their neighborhood because of this.

Earlier Saturday, water run-off created the biggest problem. DOT workers spent hours shutting down a number of thoroughfares overnight, including places like Oak Drive, where a raging creek caused the road to buckle. Along Causby Road, a tractor trailer and a number of cars were smashed up near a auto body shop.

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