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Marine hero moves back to hometown after losing legs in Afghanistan blast


A local hero is back home after losing both of his legs in a blast in Afghanistan and this time he says it is for good.

Retired Marine Corporal Garrett Carnes, 23, moved back to his hometown of Mooresville just a few weeks ago.

The Purple Heart recipient lost both legs in Afghanistan in February 2012, after an IED explosion. Carnes spent over a year recovering and says Mooresville is the best place for he and his wife, Courtney.

"It's a great place to live. It's a quintessential American town. Small town USA," he said.

Garrett and Courtney Carnes moved to Mooresville to be closer to family.

"Things are definitely a little bit different. Before I left Mooresville, I was a freshly graduated high school student and didn't know much about the world," he said.

In 18 months, Garrett saw more of the world than many. Now, he walks on two new legs, though he's still getting used to them.

"I can run. I can do anything that I want to do. It's a little bit slower but I'm still going to do it," he said.

After three and half years of service, Carnes retired from the Marine Corps two weeks ago.

"It's definitely weird being out about 16 years or so earlier than I planned on, but it's for the better. It's for good," he said.

That's the positive attitude you'll find in Garrett Carnes, as he walks forward to fully embrace life's next step, never looking back.

"I feel like I don't belong anywhere else in the world besides Mooresville. This is where I belong," he said.

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