ALERT: Rain will hit some areas harder than others this morning

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Weather heads up!

Areas south and east of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County are under Flash Flood Watches this morning. There is also an aereal flood warning for Mountain Island Lake. We have a team of people here to give you the most reliable information on what to expect when you head out the door. More showers are expected as you get ready for your day this morning.

There is a new development this morning in the case of a missing teen girl from South Carolina. Her name is Gabbie Swainson. We'll tell you about the latest arrest police have made.

Plus, we have reaction this morning on the latest move out of Raleigh, putting Charlotte Douglas International Airport a step closer to being run by an advisory board instead of the city of Charlotte. And speaking of the airport, do you have issues finding parking there? You're not alone! We took the latest concerns we're hearing to the airport's director. We'll tell you what he said.

And this story caught my eye just by reading the title in the rundown: Squirrel eats through car. Huh?! Don't miss that one.

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