Lincolnton charging residents new fee for garbage removal

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Thursday evening, Lincolnton council members are expected to green light a new solid waste Fee.

The new fee will add $10 to each monthly bill city residents and business owners receive from the city.  According to city leaders, that money goes toward the cost of garbage removal.

Some Lincolnton residents are unhappy about the new fee, calling it a "service tax."

"As a business owner, at a small business like the barber shop I run here in town, I don't generate that much trash" Rex Rhyne told WBTV. "So I don't understand why they want to charge us."

Lincolnton Mayor John Gilleland said the new fee with generate much needed funding for the city.

"The city council and city manager decided that they needed an increase in revenue. This was a way that many cities do increase their revenues, adding a solid waste fee," Gilleland said. The mayor tells WBTV he does not support the new fee. give an on-camera interview to WBTV. He did say that he does not consider this fee a new tax.

Lincolnton's City Manager would not give an on-camera interview to WBTV.

The Council voted 2-to-1 Thursday night to make the fee $5 a month instead of $10. Lincolnton residents can expect to start paying the fee on August 1.