Blood donations saved my life

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Zee Weaver was born 11 years ago doctor's told his parents there was something wrong with him.

"My dad's wedding ring could fit around my wrist so that was shocking," said Zee.

"When he was born he was one 1lbs 12 oz so he was extremely underdeveloped," said Zee's mom Mikki Weaver.

Mikki suffered from kidney failure during her pregnancy. That forced her to deliver Zee at only 28 weeks.

Going back to that day is hard for Mikki because she knows that she could've easily lost her son.

"They were constantly drawing blood to check all sorts of different things," said Mikki.

"They were taking away more blood than he could actually make back."

Because Zee's system was so premature he had to have eight different blood transfusions during the first couple of weeks of his life.

"And if it hadn't been for the available blood donations that people took the time to go make, we certainly wouldn't have him with us today," said Mikki.

Many people just like Zee, are waiting for that life changing donation. The question is will there be enough of a blood supply?

"About 20 percent of our blood donations come from schools," said Kara Lusk Dudley with The American Red Cross.

"So when they're out of session during the summer we don't have those blood drives going on."

But the need for blood does not take a vacation.

According to The American Red Cross every two seconds some needs it.

"We need all types of blood," said Dudley.

"Especially type O negative because it's the universal donor."

Prior to his scare, Mikki says she didn't place enough value on donating blood.

But it's brought her son back to life and it's something Zee lives to tell about now every day.

"People took some of their blood to save me and if I didn't have that I would not be alive," said Zee.

The entire Weaver family feels very lucky to have Zee and they know the outcome wouldn't have been as positive if it weren't for blood donations.

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