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Clover residents have mixed reviews over new sports complex


The town of Clover is getting a face lift. Last month the town council approved $4.6 million for new projects, including a million dollar sports complex.

While Clover seems to be growing, not all residents agree a new sports park is where money should be spent.

With a population of a little more than 5,000 residents, the town of Clover can sometimes be unheard of.

"Usually when someone asks you where you're from and you say Clover, they have a look on their face," said Clover resident Adam Ferguson.

Ferguson has lived in Clover for 16 years with his wife and 2 children.

He's glad to see change come to the town including a new sports complex on Saint Paul Church Road.

The town council approved a budget that went into effect on July 1.

It includes around $300,000 to renovate an old Wachovia bank into a new town hall, a 3% raise for employees and more than a million dollars to build the new sports park.

Clover leaders say the one thing residents will probably enjoy the most out of this new park and town hall is that it won't cost them anything more. There's no property tax increase or increase in fees."

"I'm glad Clover was able to find room in their own budget to do something like this for the community and not have to put the responsibility on the taxpayers," said Ferguson.

But while residents are spared a tax increase, not all are happy to see the new changes come with the taxes they already pay.

"I feel the money is going into the wrong direction," said Clover resident Erik Brian.

Bryan says he would like to see more taxpayer money put into store fronts and sidewalk upgrades to attract more business to the area.

"If they were actually putting money to the center of town, they would bring more upscale people to the town," said Brian.

"I definitely can see what he means by that point, but parks can bring in those types of people to our area," said Ferguson.

While not everyone agrees how money is spent in Clover, they can agree the city is starting to look a little different.

Renovations to the new Town Hall building are expected to be completed in the Fall.

Phase one of the sports complex is complete and phase two construction is underway, which includes new soccer fields.


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