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Police: Pawn shop busted for dealing stolen goods


Only WBTV was there as Charlotte Mecklenburg police seized hundreds of items from a south Charlotte pawn shop in an alleged fencing operation.

CMPD detectives and officers converged on Mr. Professional on South Boulevard near Scaleybark Road Tuesday evening. 

Capt. Gerald Smith told WBTV says they've been investigating the store for months.

We have laptops and desktop [computers]," he said. "We have cell phones, we have sub woofers from cars. We have jewelry in there."

CMPD began investigating the store after a tip from an informant.

WBTV has also learned they're looking into the store's other location in Matthews and a storage unit nearby.

But Captain Smith says this bust should put any business thinking of doing the same thing on notice.  

"Oh yeah, they should be put on notice," he said. "Once it comes to our attention, they can expect an aggressive investigation into their criminal activities."

Now police are working to see how many of the stolen goods they can return to their rightful owners.

"It is our belief that some of the other items in the store, we would like to return to the owners, but we just can't make the connection because we don't have a serial number," said Capt. Smith.

Serial numbers from your valuables. Write them down and keep them in a safe place. It's the one thing police say you need to do in case you're ever a victim.

"No one plans on being a victim but it's always nice to have that serial number on hand in case you are," he said.

The best time to write down those serial numbers? At the time of purchase. If, you still haven't done it, it's not too late, police say. You can do it right now.

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