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Fake Craigslist ad leads to armed robbery in Lancaster

Malcolm Shaquille Williams, 18 Malcolm Shaquille Williams, 18
Jequavis Tyanthony Clyburn, 26 Jequavis Tyanthony Clyburn, 26

A man robbed in a Walmart parking lot made arrangements to buy a car on Craigslist, but when he showed up with the cash, two guys took the money and ran.

The man thought he followed all the safety precautions to avoid a robbery, but police say you can always do more.

"It's scary. It's scary that you can't trust people. You hope that you can, but you can't," said Craigslist user James Allen.

Allen is no stranger when it comes to the popular website Craigslist.

He bought his Corvette from a seller off the website, but his transaction went a lot smoother than one Charlotte man's did Monday morning when he thought he was about to buy a car from a seller.

Turns out the ad was bogus and now the victim, who is not being identified by police, is out of $2,500.

Police say the victim was approached by two men, one of the men pointed a gun to the victim's chest and demanded the exact amount of money that the car was selling for on Craigslist.

"It ain't nothing like I was growing up. It's dangerous and you have to protect yourself. You have to be careful who you talk to and who you approach," said Craigslist user Jimmy Allen.

So how do you protect yourself when buying from someone on Craigslist?

The victim in this case met the would-be seller in a public place in broad daylight, but that wasn't enough.

Police urge you to pay close attention to items on Craigslist, including anything that can date when the picture of the item was taken like grass or other noticeable surroundings in the background.

Also, you can meet at a police station or Sheriff's Office parking lot.

These two say that's good advice, but they're going to be extra careful as well.

"I'm packing. It's not on me, but it's here," said Self.

"I may take some protection with me next time I do anything on Craigslist, if I do anything on Craigslist again," said Allen.

Police say let the law carry the gun, while they continue to search for the robbers.

The two guys who robbed the man, ran off, jumped in a Nissan Maxima and drove away.

Officers said Wednesday that they had identified two potential suspects. One of the men, Malcolm Shaquille Williams, 18, of Rock Hill, turned himself in after learning he was wanted in connection to the crime.

He was charged with armed robbery and possession of a handgun during the commission of a violent crime.

One day later, police said they had arrested the second man, Jequavis Tyanthony Clyburn, 26, of Lancaster, at a home on Old Blackmon Lane in Lancaster and charged him with armed robbery.

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