See, Click, Fix: Steep fall along highway concerns driver

Mount Mourne, NC (WBTV) - "It's a long way down I know that!" says driver Jack Bradford with a nervous chuckle.

He's smiling now but the problem he brought to our attention on Highway 115, right before the All Occasions Florist and Gifts shop, is no laughing matter.

"I'm just concerned about somebody having a blowout, or a drunk coming around the curve there and run you off the road," Jack explains.

That would mean careening down this 25 foot fall. A car could also crash into what sits at the bottom of this drop off....a home that is currently occupied!

Jack says he's never seen an accident here. Neither has the aforementioned florist shop for that matter. But Jack adds,"In all the years I've been driving up here there's always a first time. I don't want to be it!"

"I'm just tickled to death you finally come up here and looked at it at least," he says.

We did more than just look. We took Jack's concerns with pictures to support it right to NCDOT. Officials agreed to send an inspector to the site.

"If it's not a problem and can't nothing be done I'm good with that," says Jack.

Within 24 hours DOT notified WBTV's Christine Nelson saying something is going to get done. Jack got to read their emailed response to See, Click, Fix for the first time.

"'Our [NCDOT] inspector visited this site and has determined that guardrail is warranted,'" says Jack reading from the email.

"That's great news! I think that's alright," says Jack reacting. "It might save somebody's life and it might be mine."

We noticed some orange markings spray-painted in the grass at the site. This is just indicating where some of the underground utilities are and is the first official step in the process of getting the guardrail installed so the problem will be fixed.

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