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16 straight days of rain dangerous for trees, and your home


16 straight days of rain. The trees in Charlotte have never been so lush, so full and so on the brink.

Certified arborist Patrick George says he's never seen it like this.

"The trees are growing like crazy," he said. "They're putting on more leaves than I've ever seen."

While that growth is good, it does have a downside. The trees are growing so rapidly, they can't withstand the weight of their own limbs so they break.

"So limbs are pulling out of trees, trees are pulling out of the ground," he said.

The owner of Heartwood Tree Service, George says they've been slammed because of the constant rain.

"[Monday] we got over 130 calls," he said. "And we call a good busy day about 55 calls. So today was a bit of challenge."

Another sign trees have taken in too much moisture? They're shedding the leaves that turn yellow.

"The leaves on the outside are starting to shade the interior of the tree," said George. "And at some point, the tree says, 'look, I'm not the government I don't have welfare. If you're not out in the sun producing I'm getting rid of you.'"

But George says that's just survival of the fittest and it's nothing to be worried about -- for now.

"All this growth makes the tree that much more prone to failure in storms," he pointed out. "So if we do get a busy hurricane season, we'll be concerned."

What you should be concerned about right now -- protecting your home.

"Have your trees looked at," George said. "A certified arborist will know."

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