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Pepper store sells world's hottest variety

Ed Currie started growing hot peppers to help aid in cancer research and heart disease treatment. The hottest of the varieties have been known to aid in killing cancer cells says Currie.

His love of all things hot has secured its own store-front in a downtown Fort Mill store called "Pucker Butt Pepper Co."

"God has just blessed us 10 fold. We went from a little teeny operation in the back yard to a breeding greenhouse to farms all over the place and in 2 counties," said Currie.

The 50 year-old father of 2 grows hundreds of varieties including one he says is the hottest in the world. The Carolina Reaper measures more than 1.4 million on the Scoville Scale. We tried one of his hottest pods and found, while inducing sweat, coughing, and fits of panting... they actually taste good too.

Currie sells hundreds of different brands and varieties of sauces in his store. From the hottest to the mildest flavors.

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