PSI Monday: The Vanishing bedroom

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Bruce Dumonceau is perfectly capable of counting the bedrooms in his house.

"This is bedroom one," he said walking down the hall. "This is bedroom two."

The retired NYPD sergeant then moved into another room off the hall.

"Got a door, a window," said Dumonceau. "And that's a double closet."

It all adds up to bedroom number four, right? Maybe not, he's being told the closet, isn't a closet.

"No, to them this was a niche with a cased opening," said Dumonceau.

No closet, no bedroom and the semantics are important.

"The 4th bedroom, I would say $30 to $40 thousand in value," said Dumonceau.

A four bedroom house is exactly what Dumonceau was told he bought in 2007. It's right on the listing, but what he purchased, he can't sell.  It's become a knockdown, drag out dispute over permits, plans and paperwork.

"Just really feeling like nobody is on your side," said Dumonceau.

We go looking for answers and full disclosure. It's a "Problem Solver Investigation," Monday night on WBTV News at 11:00.