No sign of relief for flooded roads

Good morning to you! It's Christine Nelson on this Monday, July 8. I'm sending you this quick email so you know the stories we'll be talking about on WBTV News This Morning. Go ahead and turn on your television we're live right now.


We're sounding like a broken record, I know. But with not a lot of relief in sight with the rainfall some of you are dealing with flooded out roads in your neighborhood. We're live this morning from Caldwell County. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee is pinpointing the roads that are impassable at this hour. He has video of roads that currently look like rivers.


Plus, we're closely following the Asiana Airlines plane crash as NTSB officials comb through evidence to find out just what went wrong as it was landing in California. We're also learning more about the two teen victims who died.

There is also a devastating train accident where a derailment nearly leveled a neighborhood in Canada. We have full details on what happened there.


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