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Filing is underway for city and school board races


Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon became the first to officially file for the City of Charlotte's highest elected office.

"We need someone with common sense," Cannon said." We need someone with business sense, and we need someone with community sense, and that defines me."

But who will replace new Mayor Patsy Kinsey?

Thursday's Fourth of July Parade in Hickory Grove provided a snap shot into what will be a hotly contested democratic mayoral race. 

District Two Councilman James "Smudgie" Mitchell is expected to announce and file this coming Monday. 

He told the crowd, "I need your support on September 10 as we keep the Eastside as a priority. We want to restore all the faith and hope with Eastland Mall." 

When democratic voters go to the polls in September, they will have more than two choices when it comes to who wants to lead our city. 

Newcomer Lucille Puckett who is also running for Mayor as a democrat told the Hickory Grove crowd," I appreciate your vote your support." 

Edwin Peacock is the lone republican so far, and the former at large council member hopes to return to city hall in local government's top job. 

Peacock said, "We want a mayor who is going to focus on the economic future of Charlotte, Bring people together to address the issues that the city council has always addressed. I'm running for mayor I'm excited to bring the community together."

While the first day of filing has brought out one of the city's best known political names, a strong field may increase weak turnout for a primary.

Michael Dickerson is the elections supervisor for Mecklenburg County. 

"With four, five , six percent you might have a better number now with all of the open seats, and with the interest and the crowds these folks can pull out," he said.

Filing ends in two weeks and the primary is scheduled for September 10th.

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