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Carowinds reopens after tree falls on powerline, knocking out power

Tree on power line (Photo source: Carowinds) Tree on power line (Photo source: Carowinds)

When it rain it pours and the Carolinas are no stranger to that seeing over the holiday weekend.

After rain put a damper on some Fourth of July activities, one of the area's biggest attractions was closed for majority of Friday.

"You don't want to know my exact words, but we're not happy," said visitor Tammy Seaton.

It was a traffic back up expected to been seen on I-77 not to the entrance to Carowinds Amusement park.

Around 8 a.m. Friday a tree fell on a nearby power line after heavy rain soak the area, knocking out electricity to the park.

We took aerial shots from Sky3 Friday afternoon, when the park was still closed.

Customers Chrystall Adkins and Tammy Seaton were stopped outside of the park.

"It's frustrating to say the least," said Seaton.

"I have ten kids that are going in with me and three of them that's never been before, so it's kind of frustrating," said Adkins.

The average ticket at Carowinds ranges from $30 to nearly $60 and when you thrown in the cost of gas to get here, things can start to add up like for Seaton.

She showed up at 8:30 a.m. Friday from Charleston, South Carolina, wanting the most bang for their buck.

"I understand that power outages happen but explain that to a 4 year-old, 9year-old, 10year-old and an 11 year-old," said Seaton.

After seven hours of waiting, customers cheered as they made their way into the park around 3 p.m. Friday afternoon when power was restored.

Visitors like Adkins say the wait is worth the memories that will still be made at the park.

"You see all these kids behind me, that's the only way I do it. They want to go in and play so that's what they going to do. No we're not going to let it ruin our day," said Adkins.

Although she hopes she never has to go through this again.

The park will stay open until 11 p.m. Friday to give guest some extra time.

Guests are receiving reduced rates on ticket prices and the difference is being made up if you purchased your tickets in advance.

Also, if you did not use your ticket on Friday, you have from now until the end of this month to do so. The park will be closed on the 7th of July for a private event. 

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