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Flood damage adding up, more flooding possible in the Mountains


Floodwaters receded Thursday morning from levels that caused major problems in some spots in Avery County Wednesday night.

Two roads remained closed because of damage that was caused. Blevins Creek Road was nearly cut in two by floodwaters.

Elk River Road is plagued by several washouts that has made the road surface unstable.

Both roads are passable by a single lane but officials have closed them off to all but people who live there because they say they can't be sure how much damage is under the roadway. With more rain in the forecast the damage could get worse in those places and other roads could be affected as well.

Runoff has swelled creeks and streams and that water has started to cause problems in the foothills as well. In Collettesville, the John's River Road was underwater in places Wednesday night and though the levels have gone down a foot or more, they are dangerously close to overtaking the road again.

"I'm watching it carefully," said camper Jack Stallings.

 He is concerned that the levels could rise to the point where he might be stuck where he is.

"I called my wife and I'm gonna get out of here today," he said.

Officials have urged everyone who is camping near any of the waterways to watch the water carefully and head to higher ground if necessary. 

Rain is expected to continue in the area for a few more days.

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