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Selling Fireworks to prepare for the future


July 4th is known for cookouts, parades and fireworks. Stands around Charlotte were packed with people making purchases that will light up the sky. While people were buying, Ryan Black was preparing for his future.

Black is a college student majoring in Accounting at UNC-Charlotte. He runs a fireworks stand in Cotswold. That is his internship and franchise. The company is holding $20,000 against his credit. Once his internship is complete, the $20,000 will be released and he gets to keep 20% of everything he sales.

"This right here is building my experience," Black said. "For ins and outs, cash flows, revenues, expenses. I am running the whole operation."

While the college student is preparing for his future, The Red Rocket Fireworks in Rock Hill is glad about its present. People have been filling the store spending top dollar for fireworks.

"I think people are developing a little bit of confidence in the economy.," Red Rocket Fireworks Manager Kim Pyles said. "I think people are feeling comfortable spending."

While people are feelling comfortable spending money on fireworks, Black is feeling hopeful. He believes his internship as a firework stand manager will help him fulfill his dream to work one day for Wells Fargo.

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