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Woman attacked by rabid fox while jogging in York Co. speaks out


On this July fourth, one Rock Hill woman is still getting over a frightening incident.

"It really was like a nightmare. It was horrific," said Joni Brocklebank.

A routine morning jog was turned upside-down Monday morning for Joni Brocklebank when she was attacked by a rabid fox on Silver Lane.

The fox bit her on the collarbone.

She managed to get away from the wild animal at first, but, it lunged at her again, this time getting a hold of her shirt.

She ran to a neighbor's house and asked him for help, all while holding the fox by its neck.

We stopped by Brocklebank's house Thursday. She was out of town but we spoke with her by phone.

"I knew in my mind if I let go of this fox, it was going to continue to bite me. It just kept coming at me," said Brocklebank.

The neighbor grabbed the fox and put him in a cage. You can see it still has her shirt and headphones.

"I call him a Good Samaritan because he chose to get involved," said Brocklebank.

Now residents like Grace Flenniken are on edge. She has young grandchildren who play in the neighborhood.

"My fear is how are we going to protect our children out here now," asked Flenniken.

"That's going to be scary to me now, knowing that a fox could come out," said neighbor Martha Muse.

A lesson learned for Brocklebank, who will now switch up her jogging routine.

"I'm not sure I'm going to jog alone for a while, but I will definitely have something with me," said Brocklebank.

Health experts say rabid animals are very aggressive and will run towards human instead of away like normal wildlife.

If you are bit by a rabid animal you should seek medical attention immediately.


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