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Simple ways to save when getting that laundry done

With the average family doing about 600 loads of laundry a year, at about a buck a pop, that's six hundred dollars out of pocket.  But there are some things you can do to cut the cost of laundry, and they're really quite simple.

First, always wash in cold water.  Cold washing costs about a quarter of a warm water load.  Choose your detergent wisely.  If you are buying concentrated detergent make sure you look for that tiny line in the cap.  That's the amount the manufacturer suggests you use.  Using more only costs you more and isn't getting your clothing any cleaner. 

Fabric softeners can add to the cost of your washing, but you can do like many people have done for years, use a capful of white vinegar and pour in with the detergent,  it softens the clothes and will not leave your clothes smelling like salad dressing.

Short cycles work well as long as your washer is getting out as much excess water as possible.  That helps when it comes to drying.

When you dry your laundry choose your settings carefully!  If you have an ‘Auto-dry' setting- go for it! That's going to save you the most.  Another trick, add a dry clean towel to the load and it will help absorb some of the moisture.  Consider dryer balls, or even tennis balls for that matter.  They help break up clothing and help the heat reach more of the surface of the clothing.

Dryer sheets are a must for me, especially if I'm not using fabric softener.  But you can rip them in half or once they're used keep a pile around and throw two or three used ones in with a load.

Shaking out your clothing before you put it in, also helps dry your clothing faster. 

You could turn off the dryer all together and find a hanger and hang your clothes to dry.  Experts will tell you it saves money on wash and saves your clothing too.  Jeans and towels are heavy and take a lot of heat to dry!

You can visit this Mr. Electricity's web site to see how much your machines are costing you with a 'laundry cost calculator'.

If you have suggestions or ideas on how to save money, visit my facebook page, Maureen O'Boyle WBTV.  Post your ideas there.  We could ask you to be part of a future Stretching Your Dollar story.

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