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Heavy rains to the north have Charlotte community on alert

Heavy rains in the mountains and foothills of the Charlotte region, once again has homeowners in Northwest Mecklenburg community on alert.

Tommy Daniel has lived along the Catawba River for more than 40 years. If the river jumps it's banks, flooding the Riverside Drive community -- it will be the sixth go around for him.

"I tired of going through and having to move everything out," he said. "My mom and helping all the neighbors move stuff up to higher ground."

But ask Daniel if he'd throw in the towel after all these years and he's response is as swift as the river flowing behind him.

"No, no, this paradise in Charlotte," he said. "Where else in Charlotte are you going to be in a place like this?"

But Riverside Drive was anything but paradise back in May after heavy rains in the high country caused the Catawba to jump its banks. It's why Daniel is pleased to hear Duke Energy is taking action ahead of time.

"Sounds like they may actually figure out how to control the flood down here," he said. "If they're trying to drop the water levels down there for all the rain that's supposedly coming then, that's actually good news."

Good news the utility juggernaut is already opening parts of both the Oxford and Lookout Shoals dams. This after heavy rains pounded the Boone area Wednesday, flooding its shopping mall parking lot.

With even more rain in the forecast, all Tommy and the rest of his neighbors can do, is watch --and wait.

"I hope we don't go through this again, either," he said.

Duke Energy tells WBTV it will continue to monitor the weather and the lake levels to see if it needs to take further action.

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